The Durples Get Lost in Elkton Forest
Kathy Jardine and Ashley Jardine
AuthorHouse (2007)
ISBN 9781434313171
Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano (age 7) for Reader Views (3/08)


“The Durples Get Lost in ElktonForest” is about three Durples named Cindyloo, Mollyboo and Woodroo.  They are brother and sisters and are very original.  They don’t look like anyone else but themselves.  One day they were walking, talking and kicking the soccer ball and they were so deep into their conversation they forgot to make a turn at the big oak tree.  By the time they realized they didn’t make the turn, they were lost and all held hands.  They were now trying to find their way back to Turpleville where they lived.

On their adventure to find their home, they made some new friends.  First was Odalee-McBuddy.  Odalee had an original instrument he made called a mookaluke.  The mookaluke was made of a boot, some sort of stick and some noisy things hanging from it.  During their trip, everyone sang songs and made music with the mookaluke.  Other friends they made were a dog Willy Wagstail, Billy Bullion (who was a bully but learned how not to be one) and Princess Lilly.  All of the new friends had one thing in common: they were different and had been picked on for what made them unique.

Close to home they were picked on by some flying creatures called Dweeblets.  The Dweeblets all looked the same and sounded the same.  They picked on the friends for being different.

The story in “The Durples Get Lost in ElktonForest” teaches you one important lesson: no matter how you look, you are all the same inside.  It is not fair to be picked on when you, too, look weird.  And you should not pick on anybody else because of their differences.

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