“The Draco Twins Turn Bullies into Buddies” by Carole Basile

“The Draco Twins Turn Bullies into Buddies” by Carole Basile 1024 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Draco Twins Turn Bullies into Buddies
Carol Basile
Dragon Gate Media (2019)
ISBN 9781732435971
Reviewed by Lydia Dehning (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (11/19)

“The Draco Twins Turn Bullies into Buddies” by Carole Basile is a continuation of the series with the Draco Twins, brother and sister dragon twins. Dusty and Daisy are getting ready for dragon school where they will learn how to throw their fire in Fire Throwing Class. Dusty is nervous because he doesn’t have fire, he has water, and he’s afraid that the other kids will laugh at him. The two go to their fire throwing class and Daisy hits the target. There are two other dragons in their class who don’t do as well. Dusty hits the target with his water, and the teacher says he did good, but the other dragons, Sammy and Sarah, laugh at him and tell him he’s not a real dragon because he breathes out water instead of fire. The teacher gets them in trouble, and then they go to their science class.

In the science class, Daisy is chosen to help the teacher. When Daisy is helping, Sammy gets jealous and makes a mess that starts a fire! Dusty is there to save the day, and both Sammy and Sarah finally learn to not laugh at Dusty anymore because it’s not nice and hurts his feelings. I was very happy when Sammy and Sarah stopped being mean to Dusty. I liked that they all became friends in the end. I hope that other kids who read this will learn to be nice to everyone since it’s more fun to have friends than be mad at people. I liked that Dusty had the power of water, because that isn’t normal for a dragon, and you need water if something catches on fire.

A Note from Mom: Lydia loved this book because of the happy ending, she wasn’t crazy about how the other dragons were treating the twins throughout the middle part though. This book is recommended by us for kids of all ages, and we can’t wait to read about future adventures of the Draco Twins. With great moral lessons in each book, they are timeless and exciting for readers of all ages.

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