“The Day of the Ravens” by Bradford and Syria Ingram

“The Day of the Ravens” by Bradford and Syria Ingram 791 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Day of the Ravens 

Bradford Ingram (author)
Syria Ingram (Illustrator)
Xulon Press (2020)
ISBN: 978-1662872808
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (06/2024)

“The Day of the Ravens” is written and illustrated by Bradford and Syria Ingram on behalf of their daughter Ashleigh Grace Ingram who changed their lives in so many ways when she was born, and then again at her death.  The beautifully written foreword provides readers with a vulnerable moment, through the words of the authors, as we come to understand a little more about their daughter including the history and meaning of her name.  From the ash forest to the unmerited gift, Ashleigh Grace’s last name Ingram loosely means angel raven.  This story was written by a dad trying to teach his newborn baby girl the most important things.

Greenery and landscape, animals, and beauty cover the pages of this book.  Syria Ingram has poignantly captured the feelings of the heart as they so perfectly relate to the words on the page.  Together, Syria and Bradford Ingram have written a lyrically moving book.  Capturing the coming together of the angels in their ash forest and the ravens who flew from their own field, over the hill, to learn from the angels and share with them in song.  But, from the outside ravens look frightening with black feathers and eyes, their songs sound like screams, and their sheer numbers cloud the sun’s rays.  So, upon their arrival, the angels hid and stopped their own singing until one of their own showed kindness and love to the fallen raven.  The song they sing together blankets the world in love, reminding us we’ve got nothing to fear when a raven approaches as an angel is surely nearby.

The poetry, the rhymes, the eloquent writing, and the captivating drawings make this a memorable read.  “The Day of the Ravens” by Bradford and Syria Ingram is a book you can read repeatedly.  Reminding both children and adults of the importance of not judging others, opening our hearts to kindness, and remembering the angels watching over us all.  The Ingrams so graciously incorporated their daughter and the meaning of her name into the lessons throughout.  Told in such a way that it flows off the tongue, radiates from the heart, and stays in the brain.  What a beautiful way to share Ashleigh Grace Ingram’s importance to the world.

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