The Dark Side of the Supernatural: What Is of God and What Isn’t
Bill Myers and Dave Wimbish
Zondervan/Youth Specialties (2008)
ISBN 9780310279242
Reviewed by Neha Kashmiri (age 13) for Reader Views (7/08)


In today’s world, movies, TV shows, and books often have supernatural themes and ideas. They’re often entertaining — teenage girls practicing witchcraft, little boys seeing dead people and the likes. They’re cool ideas and make addicting storylines. But are the stories true? Can people actually do all that? If they do, can I? Or should I? What if I have a friend caught up in these supernatural ideas?

“The Dark Side of the Supernatural” looks at all these topics in the light of the Bible with many quotations from the Scripture. It’s supposedly (this I stress) a handbook to supernatural encounters. And which of them are true and which them are fantasy and which of them are signs from the wrong side.

Bill Myers  and Dave Wimbish write about a variety of topics such as Wicca, UFOs, Ouija boards, Satanists, angels and demons, vampires and a little more.

This book only, and only, pleases strict Christians. I recommend that anyone of any other religion or faith stay far, far away. Even some Christians I showed this book were disgusted. I found it biased and narrow-minded. It was mis- and little-informed and very paranoia-inducing. No encounter with the supernatural was good and everything was the work of the Devil. The authors even admit they sound closed-minded saying, “At times the information may seem simplistic, or worse, judgmental and unloving.” The authors of “The Dark Side of the Supernatural” believe they are right and everyone else is going to burn in *. Steer far away from this book.

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