The Cow That Was the Best Moo-ther by Andy Cutbill

The Cow That Was the Best Moo-ther by Andy Cutbill 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Cow That Was the Best Moo-ther
Andy Cutbill
HarperCollins (2009)
ISBN 9780061664724
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4.5) and Max (age 2.5) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (5/09)


In “The Cow That Was the Best Moo-ther,” Marjorie the cow enters her baby, Daisy, in a beautiful baby contest for cows.  However, Daisy is unlike all of the other baby cows; she has feathers, a beak, and hatched from an egg!

Cayden:  “That baby is a chicken, not a cow!  Cows don’t have beaks and they don’t have the kind of feet that Daisy has.  I liked the pictures in the book, especially when the chickens were bouncing on the trampoline.  That egg was bouncing on the trampoline too!  I hope it didn’t get broken!  I liked when Daisy ate the worm off the lady’s hat!”

Max:  “The cows have spots but Daisy doesn’t.  She has feathers.  I liked the page with all of the babies on it!”

Parent’s comments:
“The Cow that was the Best Moo-ther” by Andy Cutbill is a cute book filled with unique, fun illustrations.  The different colors, shapes, and patterns used throughout the book are very visually stimulating and entertaining.  This book is a follow-up to “The Cow That Laid an Egg” and I think that anyone who enjoyed the first book will enjoy this one as well.


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