“The Covens of Elmeeria” by Miguel Lopez de Leon

“The Covens of Elmeeria” by Miguel Lopez de Leon 333 500 Reader Views Kids


Miguel Lopez de Leon
Galadria Worldwide (2017)
ISBN 9780692832837
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 15) for Reader Views (9/17)

“The Covens of Elmeeria” by Miguel Lopez de Leon is about eighteen-year-old Nia Roo, crown princess to the majestic kingdom of Elmeeria. Nia has led a sheltered life, loved by the people and with few worries aside from the responsibility of inheriting the crown of Elmeeria.

However, Nia hides a dark secret, the powers of a witch. Soon after her eighteenth birthday Nia is faced with another threat–that of her overly controlling mother, determined to find her a husband. At a feast in which Nia is supposed to meet eligible bachelors selected by her mother, everything falls apart. Enemy soldiers disguised as waiters kill the guards and take the king, queen, and royal guests hostage. Nia manages to escape and flees into the woods controlled by the witches beyond the castle’s walls. There, she must form a plan to stop the enemy soldiers from instigating the total takeover of Elmeeria. Will she be able to come up with a plan? Read and find out.

My favorite character was Fetch, Nia’s pet. Always loyal, he seemed to take on a character of his own throughout the book.  The characters were well crafted and easily relatable, though I thought they sometimes acted in ways inconsistent with their prior behavior.

In addition, I enjoyed the world created by the author. As a fantasy world though it lacked total realism, it was similar enough to Earth to be relatable, but also distinct enough to always keep you on your toes. The writing was great and the descriptions provided by the author were exciting.

I would recommend “The Covens of Elmeeria” by Miguel Lopez de Leon for young adult fans of fantasy fiction. It was an entertaining and pleasurable read.

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