“The Circle: Taken” by Sage Sask

“The Circle: Taken” by Sage Sask 313 500 Reader Views Kids

The Circle: Taken
Sage Sask
SBSK Corporation (2019)
ISBN 9781733579391
Reviewed by Ciara (age 12) for Reader Views Kids (10/19)

When I finished reading “The Circle: Taken,” by Sage Sask, my mind was still racing over the events leading to the suspenseful ending. I honestly can say, I did not see it turning out that way.

Alexia who is an amazing main character, goes through so much in this story. I cheered for her and was on the edge of my seat hoping she was going to make it! I liked how the author used so many descriptive words and how the characters interacted so perfectly, it was as if the reader was there in the same room listening to the dialogue between them. The action was not over the top, just a rush of nail-biting suspense as Alexia gets closer to finding out who and what she really is, and about the organization that has taken control of everything she does. While she was talking to the other characters in the story, you yourself are wondering, can this person be trusted? What are they trying to get out of Alexia? Is this when she finds out what is really going on?

I admit there were more than a few sad parts in the story and Alexia really took her fair share of bang ups, but it was thrilling, as each chapter brought you closer to finding out who Alexia was, about her mom, and why she was so important, that people were getting killed for it. While reading the story you get this feeling like time is running out, and at any moment something really bad is going to happen. I honestly think this would make a great T.V. series, there is so much action and suspense.

Alexia was by far my favorite character in the book. She went through so much, most of the time for self-preservation. Trying to conceal her abilities, not knowing who to trust, being careful she said just the right thing, so thrilling, like a roller coaster ride till the very end.

“The Circle: Taken”, by Sage Sask is a great YA + book. I am really looking forward to finding out what happens in book two!

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