“The Christmas Wind” by Stephanie Simpson McLellan

“The Christmas Wind” by Stephanie Simpson McLellan 409 500 Reader Views Kids


Stephanie Simpson McLellan
Red Deer Press (2017)
ISBN 9780889955349
Reviewed by Alyvia Stout (age 10) for Reader Views Kids (05/18)

“The Christmas Wind” by Stephanie Simpson McLellan is a heartwarming story of a girl’s desperate journey to save her mother and baby brother on Christmas Eve. Jo is traveling with her sick mother and a newborn baby brother in search of shelter from the bitter cold of the wind. She notices a small house with a barn and heads there for shelter from the strong winds. The only thing is the barn is owned by a grumpy man named Franklin Murdoch. Jo does not trust Mr. Murdoch, but she has no choice but to get her mother and baby brother to the barn for shelter away from the cold. When Jo leaves her baby brother in the safe shelter of the barn to go back for her mother, little does she know that someone is looking out for them and she is soon to find out that people are not always what they seem to be.

I really enjoyed “The Christmas Miracle” by Stephanie Simpson McLellan. The part I liked the most in the story was how the author made the reader feel like they were right there with Jo and her family in the bitter cold looking for shelter from the wind. The story line sometimes reminds me of the first Christmas miracle with baby Jesus.

The illustrations were drawn by Brooke Kerrigan and they are very beautiful with lots of detail and vibrant colors. I think people of all ages will like to read a story with such a warm and happy ending that is not your usual Christmas theme. I would have liked to find out what happens to Jo and her mom and baby brother after they meet Mr. Murdoch.

I recommend “The Christmas Wind” by Stephanie Simpson McLellan, not just for a Christmas story but a book to enjoy all year long.

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