The Christmas House
Laura St. John
Sky Sun Publishing (2018)
ISBN 9780578202471
Reviewed by Lydia Dehning for Reader Views Kids (11/19)

In “The Christmas House” by Laura St. John, we start off learning about a man and his wife who are going to have a baby. The couple tries to get the attention of two other people walking their dog, but they don’t notice them because the man in talking on his phone and the woman is looking at hers. Then the couple goes to another house and knocks on the door and the people in that house are busy on their phones, TVs, computer, and games, so they don’t hear the people knocking. Then the couple goes to another house, and the people inside that house are on their phones or yelling at each other, so they don’t hear the knock either.

The couple tries one last house where the family inside is happy and talking together and doing Christmas things as a family. Because they are quieter than the other houses, they hear the knocking and let the couple inside. The couple is Mary and Joseph, and baby Jesus is about to be born. Jesus is born inside this family’s house because they were being nice together and listening for anything, like a knock at the door. I like this story and the family doing things together, like mine.

A Note from Mom: I have never heard a rendition of the Christmas story told like this before, but for this day’s culture, it is a much-needed story to hear. I agree with the author that too many people of all ages are so dependent on their electronics that they put everything else to the side. Of course, even the nicest of people are guilty of this too from time to time, but Laura St. John got her point across that the morale of the story is not just about being on our electronics less, but to being open and not distracted, to be better able to hear Jesus make himself visible in our lives. This is a great read for all ages since the story is timeless and one of the most important stories to hear and know by heart! 

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