“The Cavalier: Heroes of the Empire” by Israh Azizi

“The Cavalier: Heroes of the Empire” by Israh Azizi 672 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Cavalier

Israh Azizi
PageTurnerPress LLC (2022)
ISBN: 978-1958688007
Reviewed by Ephantus M for Reader Views (09/2023)

“The Cavalier” is book one of the Heroes of the Empire by Israh Azizi. It is a teen/young adult fantasy read that revolves around medieval courts, betrayal, mysticism, and empire battles.

General Winston has sent Velamir, as his adoptive son, to the Chishman Academy for training. Most of the cadets have no one to call family and they never will. They are in the academy for one reason- to become Chishmans, the elite soldiers in Prolus’s force. Velamir is a fast learner who quickly develops his skills and masters his emotions to become an unflinching nightmare to any hostile. He knows he is expected to sacrifice his desires for the good of Tariqi. After graduating from the academy, he finds himself tasked by General Winston with the frightening mission of making the world a better place by invading the indecent Empire Kingdom and killing a top-ranking General.

Well, now I know the definition of the word terrifying.

These words by Velamir’s colleague, Jax, tell of the nature of a mission that prompts utmost disguise and agility for survival’s sake. The protagonist is determined not to fail, but the deep revelations he will encounter may quickly send him trotting down that path. Saddled with the weight of unavenged cessations and the possibility of yielding his own life, he must thoughtfully decide if taking the life of the adversary is practical.

This volume introduces a long list of characters in the opening pages, each of whom has been given enough freedom to shine, without interfering with the main character’s build and space. Apart from Velamir, another major character, Natassa is featured, through whom readers discover the true nature of a powerful governor, who happens to be her father. Loyalty is a major theme, and readers will love the supporting legendary tales.

Though the book is over five hundred pages, it has been written with utmost precision to bring out the slightest thought, emotion, and activity, and make for a smooth reading experience that does not slack in between the pages. “The Cavalier” is a remarkable purchase for teen boys and girls to read. I am sure that most readers will enjoy the adventure around Velamir, and will want to see where this series goes. Highly recommended!

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