“The Bullybuster” by Clay Cormany

“The Bullybuster” by Clay Cormany 328 500 Reader Views Kids

TheBullybusterThe Bullybuster

Clay Cormany

Independently Published (2019)

ISBN 9781790644032

Reviewed by Autumn (age 13) for Reader Views Kids (2/19)

Ridgeview High School has a real problem with bullies. Everyone is terrified of them, but no one knows how to deal with the problem. Then the kids decide to fight back, with technology. “The Bullybuster” by Clay Cormany is a story with mystery, romance and technology gone wrong.

The storyline starts off with its first victim. A horrible bully named Trevor would resort to any means necessary to deliver pain and terror among the kids of Ridgeview High School. That is until he is subjected to a terrible accident at school, and the only clue is Trevor stammering, “ro..ro..robe.” The entire school is now terrified of a new threat and the plot will put you on the edge of your seat till the end.

I liked how the author started right off the bat with a shocking event, followed by a sleuthing student, and a hint of romance with characters the reader could relate to. I liked Owen from the beginning. Shy, nice guy, who has his heart set on finding the truth. The slow progress of a possible romance along with the mystery of who the attacker could be, left the reader with a can’t-put-this-book-down feeling. I had to stop myself several times from going to the end of the book to find out what was going on. I honestly did not see the ending, and how it played out. The “bad guys” were way off my radar, I never would have imagined them to be suspects.

It did seem odd though, putting Erica and Michael at the top of the stairs when Trevor was pushed. There would have been no way that they did not see who it was, and the police should have questioned them more in the story. My favorite part in the story was when the robot stormed into the cafeteria, and Owen and Erica were searching the room for who was controlling it.

“The Bullybuster” by Clay Cormany is a fast-paced teen romance/mystery/suspense book. I found myself trying to figure out who was behind terrorizing the bullies of Ridgeview High and was kept in the dark till the end. The romance part was just a subtle part of the story, which let the mystery part shine through. The way the author had Owen piecing together the clues, was entertaining. I was pleased that the ending left for the possibilities of a second book.

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