The Book About Tony Chestnut (with CD) By Laurie Monopoli

The Book About Tony Chestnut (with CD) By Laurie Monopoli 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Book About Tony Chestnut (with CD)
Laurie Monopoli
Hug-A-Chug Books (2010)
ISBN 9780615311395
Reviewed by Cayden (age 5 ½) and Max (age 3 ½) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (02/10)

“The Book About Tony Chestnut” brings the children’s song ‘Tony Chestnut” by The Learning Station to life. It is accompanied by a read-along CD.

Cayden: “The Book About Tony Chestnut” is about a boy and his sister who have to go to a new school because they moved away from their old one. His sister is sad because she misses her friends. All of the other kids play at recess but Tony and his sister just sit on the bench and she cries. He sings to make her happy and everyone looks at him. He sings a funny song with his name in it and it has a dance with it too. It goes “Toe Knee Chest Nut Nose Eye Love You” and then there are some other kid’s names in the song too. He puts his hands on all of the parts he says, and that is how he dances. The CD with the book was really cool. It reads the story three times and then the lady asks some questions to answer. I liked listening to the CD. It helped me learn some of the words in the book that I didn’t know. My favorite part of the book is when the boy is dancing and when we did the dance too! It was cool how he made a song out of his name! My favorite picture in the book was when they were playing on the playground.”

Max: “I liked dancing to the song with Cayden and listening to the CD. I liked the skipping part. My favorite picture was when all of the kids were on the jungle gym and one was hanging upside down! I wish I could hang upside down but I am too little.”

Parent’s comments:

“The Book About Tony Chestnut” by Laurie Monopoli is a wonderful interactive reading experience! Incorporating the names into the movements in the song is very clever and my children found it to be quite amusing. Long after the book was put down they were still dancing around to the Tony Chestnut song!



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