The Bonemender’s Choice by Holly Bennett

The Bonemender’s Choice by Holly Bennett 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Bonemender’s Choice
Holly Bennett
Orca Book Publishers (2007)
ISBN 9781551437187
Reviewed by Neha Kashmiri (age 13) for Reader Views (6/08)


“The Bonemender’s Choice” is the third in a series by Holly Bennett. Not having read the first two books in the series, I’ll admit to being lost for the first few chapters and the last few chapters. But that doesn’t matter since I thought “The Bonemender’s Choice” was so good I’ll probably go to the bookstore for the first two books in the series.

In “The Bonemender’s Choice,” Dominic, a member of the Krylian royal family, is hit with the loss of his kidnapped children by Tarzine pirates. His sister Gabrielle and her Elfin husband, Féolan, with the help of Yolenka, a Tarzine dancer with her own plans, set off on a sea journey to unknown land.

Meanwhile, the book also follows the children, Madeleine and Matthieu DesChLnes, on their journey to their doom. Or so they think. The harbor town where the children were supposed to be taken is ravaged with the Grey Veil, a plague that slowly chokes its victims to death. Can the children survive the disease and Turga’s pirates?

When Dominic and the others reach Turga’s lair nothing is as they expected. They might have to leave Yolenka at Turga’s island. How are they supposed to sneak the children off the island without the vicious pirates noticing? Even worse, Madeleine has gotten the incurable Grey Veil from an almost-assault by a pirate. And it’s spreading to other loved ones. Gabrielle’s healing powers are needed more than ever. And she has to choose, who lives? And who dies?

I have to say that “The Bonemender’s Choice” is an intriguing book full of unique characters. I wish that the book was longer. Fans of the series will probably love the surprise for Féolan at the end. I was shocked, though, that the book said that the book was for twelve year olds. Some parts are for a bit more mature audiences. Just some, though. I can’t complain, really, it was a great book. There are a lot of characters and the third person point-of-view changes often, almost every three paragraphs.

I recommend “The Bonemender’s Choice” to fans of the first two books and fantasy lovers.

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