The Best Yard Sale (Little Critter) By Mercer Mayer

The Best Yard Sale (Little Critter) By Mercer Mayer 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Best Yard Sale (Little Critter)
Mercer Mayer
HarperFestival (2010)
ISBN 9780061477997
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (08/10)

The Critter family is having a yard sale! Each family member helps by finding items to sell, making signs, setting up, collecting money and enjoying their day! Little Critter will search his house for items he doesn’t use so he can make money. The book is an interactive journey with Little Critter during his yard sale adventure!


“Little Critter’s mom said, ‘We have too much stuff, we need to sell.’ Daddy was staring at the mommy. It was funny. They looked in the closet and then they looked into the garage. It was all full! They found stuff to sell and their kitty! They were in the attic. Boy critter took all of his toys to sell, his mom said, ‘Just pick a few.’ Girl critter sold just one of her dolls. They made signs, they blew around like crazy! They have the selling part, the kitty is there. They sold lots of stuff. Mommy sold her favorite cookies. Then that’s the end!”

“I like it a lot. I would buy it for my friend. I think my friend Zack would like it. It was fun”


This book was a joy to read with Madison. As always the Critter family is doing something that most families will encounter at some point. “The Best Yard Sale” was an interactive way to teach my daughter the process and work of having a yard sale. Madison was very interested and we have read this book multiple times! Each time she finds something new that they are selling and ask about it. The illustrations are fun and colorful. This is a great book for kids ages 3-7.


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