The Best Father’s Day Present Ever
Christine Loomis
Putnam Juvenile (2007)
ISBN 9780399242533
Reviewed by Quinn Bankler (age 6) for Reader Views (8/08)


The book was about a snail who was trying to get the best father’s day present ever.  It starts out with the snail talking about his other father’s day presents and how they were bad.  He tells what his other father’s day presents were.  Then he sees his friends are going to the shop to get their father’s day presents.  The snail decides to go too, but his friends were the last three customers to get in because the store was closing early.  When the snail was walking home, he found a rock with a ring on it.  He gave this to his father who thought it was good luck.  He also found a leaf cup filled with water.

I liked “The Best Father’s Day Present Ever” by Christine Loomis because it was a book about snails and I like snails.

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