“The Berenstain Bears: Gone Fishin!” by Mike Berenstain

“The Berenstain Bears: Gone Fishin!” by Mike Berenstain 150 150 Reader Views Kids


BerenstainBearsGoneFishinMike Berenstain
HarperCollins (2014)
ISBN 9780062075598
Reviewed by Avery Summers (age 8) and Mom for Reader Views (9/14)

“The Berenstain Bears: Gone Fishin’!”  By Mike Berenstain is a Level 1 – I Can Read book about the adventures of the Berenstain Bear family. In this adventure, Papa Bear can’t wait to share his advanced fishing knowledge with the young bear cubs!  But Brother, Sister, and Honey have their own simple ways of doing it and tend to stick to those ways. Will Papa be able to make the bear cubs see the greatness of his fishing or will he come to accept that everyone has their own way of doing things?

For a long time now, my family and I have been big fans of The Berenstain Bears.  I have been reading them from the beginning to almost all of my children, but now I suppose it’s their turn to read to me!  My kids can easily read the Berenstain series with this level 1 version. My son (who remembers me reading them to him when he was younger) was so excited he had to sit us down and read to us when it was reading time.  When he finished the book, not only was he proud that he got to read this story, but also that he was able to read it.  That’s when I knew that getting this book was a great idea. Not only that, but I felt that the lesson of the book was also one that fit him as he has started coming to that age of expanding his circle of friends, and by doing so he also came to notice the many different ways people do things. “The Berenstain Bears: Gone Fishin!” by Mike Berenstain is a book our family will enjoy reading over and over again.

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