“The Believer within You” by Tyrone Burnett

“The Believer within You” by Tyrone Burnett 757 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Believer within You

Tyrone Burnett
Independently Published (2024)
ISBN:  979-8218968397
Reviewed by Shawna Thompson for Reader Views (06/2024)

In Tyrone Burnett’s “The Believer within You,” Brenda Sue is a twelve-year-old girl and a beacon of curiosity. Her mother, Ida Jean, a Quality Control Auditor at the county government’s Tax Commissioner office, often finds herself amused by Brenda Sue’s inquisitiveness. Brenda Sue, who aspires to be a lawyer or an investigative journalist, is growing up in the fictional town of Northern Gainsville, Pamunkey County, FL, during the devastating financial crisis of 2007-2009. This was a time when over six million children lost their homes to foreclosure due to predatory loans, and the impact of the crisis was deeply felt in their community.

One afternoon, while at a friend’s house, Brenda Sue overheard the adults discussing deeply unethical activities in the mortgage market system. Unable to comprehend everything, she sought her mother’s help to decipher what she had heard. It was then revealed that they were orchestrating a bait-and-switch Ponzi scheme for home buyers, a fraudulent investment operation where the returns to investors are paid from their own money or the money paid by subsequent investors rather than from profit earned by the individual or organization running the operation. This scheme would eventually lead to their eviction, and Brenda Sue was deeply troubled by the injustice of it all.

Ida Jean, knowledgeable about financial matters, believes the foreclosures would have been preventable if the United States government had focused on regulating foreign mortgage loans more effectively. She also suspects there are irregularities in the real estate parcel and tax map identifiers, which may have contributed to the widespread fraudulent activities during that time. She is passionate about holding those responsible for the crisis accountable and believes that justice can be achieved for the families affected by thorough audits and background checks.

Brenda Sue’s character is an inspiring role model for young teens, encouraging them to trust their instincts and demonstrating that individuals can enact positive change. Burnett’s book tackles a complex topic and tailors it specifically for younger readers, transforming it into an invaluable educational resource for students and schools alike. The book is rich with information and statistics about the banking and real estate systems, offering a detailed account of how history was influenced for the better. Its unique educational perspective is sure to captivate readers and spark their interest.

“The Believer within You” by Tyrone Burnett is a well-written fictional account of a financially dark historical period. The short story sheds light on the intricacies of the crisis and how it affected ordinary families, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of financial transparency and ethical practices.  I appreciated the inclusion of a glossary in the book, which provided definitions for all the financial terms. This feature made it convenient to look up terms and learn quickly. Additionally, a QR code can be scanned to watch a trailer and meet the author.

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