The Beginner’s Guide to Bears by Gillian Shields & Sebastien Braun

The Beginner’s Guide to Bears by Gillian Shields & Sebastien Braun 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Beginner’s Guide to Bears
Gillian Shields & Sebastien Braun
Little Brown Kids (2008)
ISBN 9780316032735
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) and Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (12/08)


“The Beginner’s Guide to Bears” explores the world of teddy bears.  It looks at the different kinds of bears, what you can do with your bear, what kinds of toys bears like, what foods they like, and more!

Max:  “Cover is soft!”

Max:  “I have bears.  They sleep in my bed.”

Cayden:  “Max and I like bears.  We sleep with them, and our other animals, when we go to bed at night.  We don’t play with them much in the day though.  The bears in the book look like they have fun playing though!  One even flew a kite!  I liked the mirror at the end of the book.  Max played peek-a-boo with it!”

Parent’s comments:
“The Beginner’s Guide to Bears” by Gillian Shields & Sebastien Braun, with its cushioned cover and the mirror at the end, would be the perfect book for a young child.  Although my children only sleep with stuffed animals and rarely play with them during the day, they still enjoyed reading about all of the things that bears can do!  In fact, the book gave them some new creative play ideas.

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