The Angel and the Ring: A Supernatural Adventure by Sigmund Brouwer

The Angel and the Ring: A Supernatural Adventure by Sigmund Brouwer 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Angel and the Ring: A Supernatural Adventure
Sigmund Brouwer
Harvest House Publishers (2005)
ISBN 9780736902946
Reviewed by Emily Judah (age 13) for Reader Views (1/08)


“The Angel and the Ring” is a great book.  I think that the “angel blog” in the book is really cool because it shows the author’s vivid imagination on how angels can protect us on earth.  Sigmund Brouwer is an awesome author.  It shows so much in his books.

Young Brin is a 16-year-old half-gypsy, who lives with his thieving gypsy relatives.  His gypsy mother and white father died of the plague, Black Death, when he was only a baby.  Because Brin’s mother married a “dirty” white man, the rest of the gypsies hated Brin because his mother betrayed her clan.  His only possession is a ring, given to him by his father before he died.  After his parents died his relatives decide to use Brin to pickpocket innocent people when the clan goes into towns.  After pick-pocketing the people he is not even allowed to keep any money for himself, but is forced to give all the money back to the gypsy leader.

After one of his pick-pocketing adventures, he walks down a dark alley to return to the gypsy camp.  He is almost through the alley when a hand grips his shoulder.  He turns around to find a tall man whose face is hidden by dark shadows.  Brin is surprised and a little wary when the man tells Brin he is just like his father.  Brin is even more suspicious when the man asks to meet him at midnight that night.  Brin doesn’t outright accept but tells the man he will think about it, even though he has already made up his mind to meet him.  Later that night Brin sneaks away from camp.  When he reaches the man it is obvious that there has been some kind of battle.  The man has blood on the side of his face, he can barely talk, but he manages to tell Brin to run.  As Brin begins to leave he is approached by four dark-cloaked men, “The ring, gypsy boy” one of the men says in a deadly whisper.

The remainder of the book is the struggle between good and evil to posses the ring.  This journey leaves Brin to discover the true meaning of the ring and to eventually discover the gift of God.  The angel blog shows the reader how God and his guardian angels are always with us in our struggles. “The Angel and the Ring” is a simple read I would recommend to all youth.

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