The Allure of the Curse by Patrick Vaughn

The Allure of the Curse by Patrick Vaughn 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Allure of the Curse
Patrick Vaughn
Treble Heart Books (2009)
ISBN 9781932695854
Reviewed by Avni Gupta (16)for Reader Views (8/09)


When I received “the Allure of the Curse,” I was really excited to read it. It seemed like such a cool book, such a different take on the legend of vampires. When I started reading, the book began to disappoint. The more I got into it, the further downhill the book went.

This book started out with Warrenna killing a vampire, but it was a dream, or a retelling of the past or something (whatever it was, it was really confusing). Then we find out that this girl has almost succumbed to the curse, but noble Thomas saved her at the last second, so everything is going to be all right! Next we see that Warrenna is jealous of Mariana, Thomas’s girlfriend. Then some really weird and confusing parts happen, and they find themselves in Arizona taking down some big, bad vampire. Then Thomas and Mariana get kidnapped. Every one has to figure out how to save them before it’s too late and they are eaten by the vampire.

Overall, I was really confused throughout this whole book. Besides my confusion, the plot was a little odd. It seemed as though the author was jumping around different things that happened to the main characters. They didn’t seem very connected nor did they seem to be explained very well. The only saving grace in this novel was the descriptions of the characters. They seemed like they were real, even though the events that they were living through didn’t seem all too real.

Another probable reason for me being so confused is that I did not read the first novel in this series. “The Allure of the Curse” by Patrick Vaughn is the sequel to another novel. If you liked the first one, then I am pretty sure that you will like this one as well.  Personally, I do not think that I will recommend this book to anyone, seeing as how I did not enjoy it at all. If you like different takes on the vampire legend or if you like thinking a lot when you are reading, I’m sure that you will enjoy this book, so do not be afraid to read it.

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