The Aedyn Chronicles: Chosen Ones By Alister McGrath

The Aedyn Chronicles: Chosen Ones By Alister McGrath 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Aedyn Chronicles: Chosen Ones
Alister McGrath
Zondervan (2010)
ISBN 9780310718123
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 12) for Reader Views (07/10)

“The Aedyn Chronicles: Chosen Ones” by Alister McGrath is the story of two kids, Julia and Peter, who found a mysterious garden behind their grandparent’s house in Oxford, England. When they entered the garden and walked through the fountain, they suddenly found themselves in a mysterious new land. Soon after they found themselves in the new land of Aedyn, they were chased by mysterious hooded riders. Can Julia and Peter escape the riders before they are caught?

After reaching the great citadel of Aedyn, Julia and Peter were confused because all of the houses seemed empty. Later they reached the main castle and were confronted by silent, hooded guards who escorted them to the throne room of the Lords of Aedyn. There Peter and Julia met the three Lords of Aedyn – The Leopard, The Wolf, and The Jackal. The Lords had many hooded slaves who showed Peter and Julia to their rooms and then stood there, silent shadows. Will Peter and Julia be able to uncover the secrets of the slaves and the deceptions of the Lords before it is too late?

Peter and Julia led a relatively normal life until they went to visit their grandparents in Oxford. Then everything changed. They were brought into a world where three tyrannical lords reigned supreme. The lords were waited upon by silent, hooded slaves that served their every whim. When the Lords tried to exploit Peter’s knowledge of science to suppress a slave rebellion, Julia realized that if she was to help the poor slaves she would have to take matters into her own hands. Can Julia prevent the complete corruption of Aedyn or will it fall into a state of anarchy and evil?

I would recommend “The Aedyn Chronicles: Chosen Ones” to people who like fantasy and adventure. Full of suspense and the occasional bit of humor, this was a great read. The cover illustration aptly set the scene for a book with action and adventure at every turn. The book was pretty fast paced and I finished it the day after I started it.



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