The Adventures of PJ and Split Pea, Vol. 1: Fine Feathered Friend
S.D. Moore
Outskirts Press (2009)
ISBN 9781432712884
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 5) and Mom for Reader Views (8/09)

“The Adventures of PJ and Split Pea, Vol. 1: Fine Feathered Friends” begins with a boy named PJ trying to decide what kind of pet he wants to get.  After not being able to decide he hears a voice say hi to him.  He sees that it is a bird named Split Pea.  Nobody has wanted to bring Split Pea home because his feathers look like they have splits in them, so the pet shop owner just gives him to PJ.

Cayden:  “In the beginning of the book it said they were going to the pet shelter to get a pet that was lost or that someone got rid of but then on the next page they were in a pet store.  A pet store isn’t the Humane Society.  We went to the Humane Society and brought the dogs treats and other stuff, remember?  I liked that he got a bird that no one else wanted though.  That was good that they gave it a home.  It was funny when PJ tried to fix Split Pea’s wings.  I liked that the bird could talk to him.”

Parent’s comments:
I agree with Cayden that there was a little bit of an inconsistency in the beginning about stating that “his mom was going to take him to the pet shelter to adopt a lost and abandoned pet” and then three sentences later it says that “PJ and his mom arrive at Mr. Peppy’s Pet Store.”  However, they do end up with a pet that no one else seems to want so it all evens out in the end.  The story of PJ and Split Pea was a creative one and we enjoyed reading about all of the “solutions” to the split wing problem.  I also liked the great lessons taught in the story of self-acceptance and of accepting others the way that they are.   We recommend “The Adventures of PJ and Split Pea, Vol. 1: Fine Feathered Friends” by S.D. Moore.

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