The Adventures of Nihu by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

The Adventures of Nihu by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Adventures of Nihu
Omoruyi Uwuigiaren
Bouncing Ball Books (2007)
ISBN 9781934138151
Reviewed by Regan Zaborowski (age 8) for Reader Views (7/08)


This long book takes place in a jungle and is about a boy named Nihu that lived in a small village.  One day Nihu is out hunting, and his uncle was killed by an arrow that a robber took after Nihu shot it.  Everybody thought Nihu killed his uncle, so he was told not to come back to the village.  He went to the jungle to live, and met Old Phil.  They got to be friends, but Old Phil died.  Nihu met many creatures when he was in the jungle.  Some were friendly, but some were mean and scary.  He finally tries to find his way out of the jungle and falls through a crack in the earth.  A very mean creature takes him and puts him inside a stone, with some other prisoners.  We don’t find out until the very end if he ever escapes.

This was a long book, and it was hard for me to read by myself.  There were a lot of big words, and some parts were hard for me to understand.  It was exciting, and sometimes scary.  The different creatures that Nihu met were very strange, and some wanted to kill him.  But some of the creatures that were the scariest turned out to be nice, so I liked that.  The ending was good, too.  The words that the writer used made it feel like you were in the middle of the jungle with Nihu.  I could picture in my mind what the jungle looked like – very scary, and a place I would not like to visit.  I could understand how Nihu felt.  I kind of liked this book, because my mom helped me with the parts I didn’t understand.  It would be better for someone a few years older than me that could read it without help.  Boys and girls that like exciting books would like “The Adventures of Nihu.”

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