“The Adventures of Mulberry Manor” by Jay W. Foreman

“The Adventures of Mulberry Manor” by Jay W. Foreman 683 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Adventures of Mulberry Manor

Jay W Foreman
Genesis Publishing House (2023)
ISBN: 979-8988403784
Reviewed by Stephanie Elizabeth Long for Reader Views (08/2023)

When Jade and Teddy’s mother goes missing on a special mission, they are taken to stay at Mulberry Manor while their father leaves in search of her. Mabel, affectionately known as Grammy, vows to do whatever she can to keep the children safe. But Jade quickly realizes that may be impossible as Mulberry Manor seems to be a magnet for otherworldly creatures who want something from her. Moreover, the townspeople of Lakeside Estates seem way too invested in the comings and goings of her and Teddy, and it’s hard to determine who can be trusted. In this thrilling, propulsive read nefarious plans, unlikely alliances, and the fate of Mulberry Manor will be revealed. Will Jade and her brother be safely reunited with her parents, or will their happiness be shattered by a formidable plan?

“The Adventures of Mulberry Manor, Book 1: The Beginning of the End” by Jay W. Foreman is a fast-paced young adult book brimming with sci-fi and fantasy. Told from the third person perspective, the engrossing story follows Jade Nicholson as she vows to do whatever is necessary to secure her mother’s safe return. Unfortunately, that means jeopardizing her and her brother’s safety by battling angry Reptivians and opening the door to another portal, which could have catastrophic consequences. Jade knows she will never get answers by playing it safe; she must use her resources and leave no stone unturned to get her family back.

Jay W. Foreman crafted a root-worthy protagonist in Jade, a girl who proves to young readers they can do anything they put their minds to. Thrust into dire circumstances, Jade could have easily given up and succumbed to her fear. However, the resourceful teen relied on her intuition and the goal of reuniting with her family as motivation. Sometimes, it meant going against the grain and breaking Mabel and the Mulberry Manor’s rules. Still, Jade proved to readers that listening to your gut necessitates overriding the opinions of others.

I commend the author for his brilliant world-building, which reeled me in from the beginning and transported me between the quaint small-town charm of Lakeside Estates and the dark, twisty tunnels that led into Scandaline. Moreover, the creatures came to life through the skillful depictions of the Reptivians—long slithering tails that could coil up and unfurl, split forked tongues, and the eerie glow of their eyes. Their lispy vernacular echoed through my ears, making it easy to imagine the creatures standing before me.

“The Adventures of Mulberry Manor” by Jay W. Foreman is geared toward young adults but can be enjoyed by readers of any age who crave thrilling action combined with supernatural elements. The book offers an exciting storyline and is bolstered by excellent world-building and a strong female lead. I can’t wait for more from this author. Grab a copy of this 5-star gem!

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