“The Adventure of Thomas the Turtle” by Stuart Samuel

“The Adventure of Thomas the Turtle” by Stuart Samuel 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Stuart Samuel
Jupiter Scientific (2017)
ISBN 9780965517607
Reviewed by Rose Whitacre (age 7) for Reader Views (01/18)

“The Adventure of Thomas the Turtle” by Stuart Samuel was so fun! I liked how the adventure took place. Thomas the Turtle was going to swim to a new part of the pond that his mother warned him not to go to.  Then there was a water fall that pulled him over the edge with jagged rocks at the bottom, and he thought there was an evil force that was under the water. Then there was a whirlpool that was trying to suck him in, but he found a way to get on the shore.  He was trying to get back to his own part of the pond without going back the way he came.  Then he got stuck in a thorn bush without realizing it. Then he saw a boy and a girl and heard their voices, and they helped him by getting him out of the thorn bush and bringing him home to his part of the pond.

Thomas learned a lesson about obedience, and not to go near the forbidden region. The people in the story were good helpers – they helped him get back home to his part of the pond. His choice to go exploring was not a good choice, but it’s not always a bad choice to explore.  Kids should never go into a dangerous situation without someone on their side that can help keep them safe. I think this author was trying to teach kids a lesson about obeying their parents, and never going off to explore in dangerous places without their parents. I think if I was separated from my mom or dad and got lost, I would feel scared and hope I would be able to find some help like Thomas did to get back home to my family.

I really wish that Thomas would have learned something more from his adventure, like why the forbidden region was really forbidden and the reason for the turtles to believe that there was a hidden evil force, which were really a waterfall and a whirlpool. I was glad that he learned to obey his mom, but wish it didn’t include him being fearful of exploring and learning new things. This book made me want to know more about Thomas’s story, like if he ever found his father.  I wish he had found his father, or at least learned more about what happened to him.

Also, this book has some old fashioned ways of saying things, like “He’s awful warm,” and “Thomas felt a deep affection for her.”  Some other examples are, “We were afraid to venture where he had gone – lest we too be swept away,” and “It came to pass that Thomas could no longer stand it.” Not using all those old fashioned words might have made it easier to understand.

Once I saw a turtle in my backyard, and it was neat to imagine where it had come from. Maybe it had an adventure like Thomas! My favorite part was when Thomas found his mom again after his adventure. I also really liked the pictures; they are really cool and fun. I think they were done with colored pencil, and they’re awesome.  I think my friends should read “The Adventure of Thomas the Turtle” by Stuart Samuel because it’s fun – there’s an adventure!

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