The A-List: Hollywood Royalty #1 by Zoey Dean

The A-List: Hollywood Royalty #1 by Zoey Dean 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The A-List: Hollywood Royalty #1
Zoey Dean
Poppy (2009)
ISBN 9780316031813
Reviewed by Hillary Krajewski (age 15) for Reader Views (2/09)


Amelie Adams, famous for her role as Princess, is the perfect good girl.  Unfortunately, being an actress on a children’s show makes it difficult to land more mature roles.  Amelie is ready to grow up and show her potential.  But can she do this without harming her career?

Myla Everhart is the adopted daughter of Lailah Barton and Barley Everhart, more commonly known as Barbar.  Her parents are constantly adopting new children from foreign countries.  But the only thing she really cares about is her boyfriend Ash.

Ash Gilmour, the son of a famous record producer, has the perfect life.  He and Myla are the perfect couple, but Hollywood relationships never seem to last.  Does this apply to young couples as well?

As the son of a publicist, Jacob Porter-Goldsmith knows who’s cool in Hollywood.  But, he has always been the geek – no girlfriend, a genius at math, and an after school job as a tutor.  But after returning from Math Camp, Jake has a new look.  His newly-found muscles and new style turned him from a loser into a hottie.  While he’s much more likely to find a girlfriend, can he get the girl he’s after?

And then there’s Jojo.  She’s spent her life living in Sacramento, California with her two dads.  But when she finds out she has the chance to meet her biological parents, she takes it.  But who would’ve guessed that meeting them would change her life so much.  She may have a connection with the A-Listers, but will they accept her?

I really didn’t expect anything from these books.  I’ve always grouped them with books like “Gossip Girl” as pathetic shallow books for girls who won’t read unless it’s all about designer clothing and talking about people behind their backs – yawn, plot-less, and not worthy of my time.  I was actually pretty surprised by this book.  I initially was only interested in it because the cover was pretty.  I wasn’t all that excited to read it but I did.  It was a little slow to start.  I was confused with the whole multiple different people with completely unrelated stories.  As soon as the stories started to mix, it got better.  The only characters I could relate with were Jojo and Jake.  They were the semi-normal people where all the others were the stereotypical rich people whose lives are so disastrous because someone else got the jeans they want or something stupid like that.  The writing in “The A-List” by Zoey Dean was okay, but all the references to television and celebrities will make it outdated pretty quickly.

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