That’s Where God Is By Dan & Ali Morrow

That’s Where God Is By Dan & Ali Morrow 150 150 Reader Views Kids

That’s Where God Is
Dan & Ali Morrow
David C. Cook (2010)
ISBN 9781434764348
Reviewed by Sophia McElroy (age 7) for Reader Views (08/10)

This book is about a little boy who went to his grandpa’s house every Sunday. One Sunday the little boy asked his grandpa, “Grandpa, where is God?” His grandpa told him to look for God this week. That week the little boy’s school class goes to the zoo. The teacher says, “God made all the animals.” Then, the little boy thought, ‘that’s where God is!’ He is at the zoo with all the animals he made! One night there was a storm that made the little boy jump; his brother laughed and said, “God sure does put on a great show!” Then the little boy thought, ‘that’s where God is!’ He is in the rain and the sunshine and the nature all around us!

Then the little boy accidentally broke his mom’s favorite vase. She asked him if he broke it. Then, he was about to say no! But then he told the truth, the little boy’s mom forgave him. That’s where God is! He is with us when we tell the truth and when we forgive! There are many more places the little boy finds God that week.

I knew where God was before, but I found some new places to look for him! This is a great book about God; I bet you will discover new places to find him too. I really like the artwork, especially with the animals.


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