That’s How Much God Loves You! by Chris Shea

That’s How Much God Loves You! by Chris Shea 150 150 Reader Views Kids

That’s How Much God Loves You!
Chris Shea
HarperFestival (2008)
ISBN 9780060838768
Reviewed by Cayden (age 3.5) and Max (age 20 months) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (4/08)


“That’s How Much God Loves You!” is a sturdy board book that provides comparisons to show children how much God loves them.  For instance one of the pages reads, “God loves you as much as pancakes are fluffy and maple syrup is sticky sweet and butter is golden and melty.”

Cayden:  “Where is God on the cover?  Will he be in the book?”

Cayden:  Pointing to the sky on the cover:  “Is this heaven?”

Max:  Pointing to the ocean:  “Snow! Snow!”

Cayden:  “Why is the ocean white?  It DOES look like snow.  I think they forgot to color it.  The next page is colored though.”

Max:  “Color!  Crayon!”

Cayden:  “The moon in the sky really doesn’t have a mouth or eyes.”

Max:  Looking in the mirror on the last page:  “Me! Me! Max!”

Parent’s comments:
The illustrations in “That’s How Much God Loves You!” are very simplistic and crayon-colored which really drew my children’s attention.  They spent a long time paging through the book just looking at the pictures and naming the colors that each item was colored in.  The text was also very creative and conveyed a wonderful message in a fun way.  The non-breakable mirror on the last page was a big hit as well, especially for Max.       “That’s How Much God Loves You!” is a very sweet, colorful book!

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