Thank You, World by Alice McGinty

Thank You, World by Alice McGinty 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Thank You, World
Alice McGinty
Dial Book for Young Readers (2007)
ISBN 9780803727052
Reviewed by Conner Aguren (age 3) and Mom for Reader Views (1/08)


“Thank You, World” illustrates the commonality of eight children in eight different countries, as they each show gratitude for their world around them.

“Goats! You like goats, mommy.”

“I think they are a donkey and a llama.”

“Oh, I’ve never saw them before.”

“Did you like the book?”

“Yes, I liked it a lot.”


“Because I like everything.”

“Did you like the pictures?”

“Yeah, they are drawn good.”

“That boy’s me and there’s daddy. We’re playing and we’re hugging everybody.”

Parent’s comments:
This is a visually rich and colorful showcase of eight instances of the same experience. It is a good conversation piece on global awareness, differences and sameness in each page. I like “Thank You, World” because it looks to the joy in common childhood situations without weighing it down with any social commentary.

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