Teens and the Job Game: Prepare Today – Win it Tomorrow
Beverly Slomka
iUniversity (2007)
ISBN 9780595448715
Reviewed by Emily Judah (age 13) for Reader Views (2/08)


“Teens and the Job Game” was a very helpful and encouraging book.  Ms. Slomka gave many helpful tips and suggestions for teens on how to prepare for and handle a new or first time job.

“Teens and the Job Game” is a very well-written book and the writer seems passionate about helping teens succeed.  I think the “hook” could have been stronger, as I was not completely drawn in at first.  The real life examples are cool, because it gives the reader something to relate to.  The quotes and helpful tips made the reader pause and really think about what Ms. Slomka was trying to get across.  For me, this book was what my parents have been telling me for a number of years.  It stressed how teens should present themselves and how to act and talk around other people.  But for teens who have never thought about their future, this is a good book to encourage them to better themselves and prepare for life beyond middle school and high school.  It will teach them how to present themselves in a more appealing manner.  It will also stress why doing well in school will help them prepare for their future career with confidence.  For me, even though I have heard many of the “tips” about the importance of your clothes, your speech and your posture, this book made me realize even more how important it is to care about how you look and present yourself to others.  It was nice to hear it from another source other than my nagging parents. Overall, I felt that ‘Teens and the Job Game” was a very interesting book that will give teens a clear idea of what is needed to, “prepare today – win it tomorrow.”

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