“Tata’s Earrings” by Desiree Calderon de Fawaz

“Tata’s Earrings” by Desiree Calderon de Fawaz 500 500 Reader Views Kids


Desiree Calderon de Fawaz
Yogi Impressions Books Pvt. Ltd. (2017)
ISBN 9789382742609
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 10) for Reader Views (7/18)

“Tata’s Earrings” by Desiree Calderon de Fawaz is a beautiful story of a girl named Maya and her grandmother, Tata. Like many grandmothers, Tata is very special. She can do many things such as knitting with her toes while she is upside down and dance while she waters the plants. If Maya gets hurt only Tata seems to heal her. One morning she noticed something shining under the frizz that Tata always wears and asked about it.  She showed Maya the most beautiful earrings that she had ever seen. Tata told her grandpa gave them to her as a wedding gift. Maya learns about the past of her grandparents, how he helped many people in different ways and countries providing food and clothes.

Meet Maya and discover with her granny all the wonderful stories behind those magical earrings. I loved how her grandpa saved all those jewels that were given to him as thanks through the years that he traveled for all his social work. Then after some time, he decided to make the earrings and kept them for a while until he met Maya’s grandmother.

My favorite part of the story was that at Tata’s house all the instruments would play lullabies at night. I also love the coloring and beautiful illustrations. It is a magical story and I love it very much and feel a connection with it because like Maya l also have a grandmother called Tata and love how she shares the stories of my grandfather.

I will recommend “Tata’s Earrings” by Desiree Calderon de Fawaz not only to kids, but for all ages. For kids to look up to and enjoy their grandmas, and to adults as well, because I am sure many will like it and feel related to their memories and will keep it as a jewel. The message for everyone is to be compassionate with others regardless of your culture, religion or country like Maya’s grandfather.

A Note from Paola’s Mom:

There is something special about this tale that every kid and even adults can feel when you read it – the special bond between Tata and Maya, the stories of a grandfather who embodied strength, compassion and love for others. Beautiful message.

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