“Tasha Goes to Puppy School” by Steve Devon

“Tasha Goes to Puppy School” by Steve Devon 712 982 Reader Views Kids

Tasha Goes to Puppy School

Steve Devon
Giving Tree Books (2023)
ISBN: 979-8218256555

Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (12/2023)

“Tasha Goes to Puppy School” by Steve Devon is an enchanting picture book that will appeal to all young readers. It should also be on the shelf in all schools and libraries for children, as the book teaches a very valuable lesson all children should learn and understand….everyone is special in their own way; they just need to find out for themselves what makes them special.

“Tasha Goes to Puppy School” opens as a litter of puppies is brought into the world. Of these eleven puppies, Tasha is the smallest and therefore her life is a little bit tougher as it is not easy for her to get into the mix of all her siblings in order to eat and grow bigger and stronger. Finally, it is time for Tasha to head off to puppy school. While her teacher, Miss Dogbreath, has a lot of rules at school Tasha finds herself having fun anyway. While Tasha tries very hard to keep up with all the other puppies, she still has problems because she is smaller than all the rest.

As school ends the teacher makes sure that each of the puppies knows that they are special and there is a job out there in the world for each of them that will make them understand that. Tasha listens as some older dogs talk about their own jobs on the last day of school but continues to fret and worry because she just is not big enough or fast enough to do what they do. Tasha does not believe that she is special. Her teacher tells her that the biggest and best thing about Tasha is her heart and that is what will make her special. So, what does Tasha do to find her way? For that answer, you will need to read the story and I highly recommend that you do.

I just loved “Tasha Goes to Puppy School.” It is such a lovely and well-written story. It shows the struggle of a small puppy who wants so much to find her place and what makes her special. I think that is probably a lesson that needs to be learned whether you are a puppy or a child and this book makes one want to go out into the world and find the answer. The book is written in perfect rhyme, and it is just truly adorable (yes, I’m always a sucker for animals). What really brings the story together are the beautiful illustrations. Ms. Wong did an incredible job with these pictures, and they show every emotion on Tasha’s face.

I would recommend “Tasha Goes to Puppy School” by Steve Devon to every child, mom, and school librarian out there. It should be available to all because it is just that good. I think that all children will learn a lot about life and themselves, just like Tasha did when they are finished with the book. It is simply wonderful. 5 Stars!!

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