“Tally and the Angel” by Eleanor Dixon

“Tally and the Angel” by Eleanor Dixon 175 265 Reader Views Kids

Tally and the Angel

Eleanor Dixon
Burreau Publishing (2021)
ISBN: 978-1838270834
Reviewed By Lily Andrews for Reader Views (06/2021)

Juxtaposing the warm environment of India in book one of the series with the frosty landscapes in Canada, Eleanor Dixon’s newest offering, “Tally and the Angel: Book 2” kicks off a paranormal fantasy novel that affirms the value of finding the inner strength to show compassion to others and be true to oneself. Fashioning a universe brimming with magic and fantastical elements, the plot features Tally, a middle school child who is still grappling with the death of her mother. She is forced to leave India, the only home she has known all her life when her father takes a job in Canada. This sets Tally off into a new adventure that she is unprepared for.

When her father is severely injured in an accident, the people in the local village tend to him. The North Yukon Village, where her father is recuperating, is under a curse. Thirteen-year-old Tally along with Jophiel, an angel who resides in a pendant that her father previously gifted her, must race against time to break the curse hanging over it. This curse has been on the town since the Klondyke Gold Rush, and if they can’t complete this quest, she may never see her dad again. The two are faced with many challenges including deadly wolves, celestial spirits, avaricious hunters, and mythical beings in the Canadian wilderness. It’s a race against time with devastating consequences.

“Tally and The Angel: Book 2” is a rousing escapade that promises an intriguing experience captivating readers young and old. Eleanor Dixon presents us with a young female protagonist who adroitly avoids a lot of common and dull narrative tropes. The author further manages to allow us to feel the range of emotions that her well-hewn characters experience in various situations such as pain, frustration, anguish, and desperation. The dialogue, too, is convincing and inviting, effortlessly moving the plot forward.

The bond between a father and daughter shines across the pages as the text encourages its young audience to be brave and overcome the fear of the unknown. The text further serves as an encouragement to its intended audience that they can do what they set their hearts to. Essentially written for children between the ages of nine to thirteen, this atmospheric five-star novel is bound to be a keeper for adult fans as well.

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