Young Adult

“Hermit Crabs Need Love, Too” by Lynn McCreadie
“Hermit Crabs Need Love, Too” by Lynn McCreadie 720 1024 Reader Views Kids
It’s not always easy being the new kid in town, as Birdie and Zee Winters can attest. They recently moved to a new place due to their mother’s job, and they are struggling to adjust to their surroundings and make new friends. Birdie found solace in her drama class, where she met Evan Wakefield, a boy for whom she developed feelings. However, the year proved quite challenging, with setbacks in her relationship and personal life. Meanwhile, Zee, a strong and determined girl, found her passion in soccer, but her skills created tension between the team and the popular girls. She also has a devoted boyfriend named Dae, but this doesn’t stop her from clashing with Christian Beckett, a bad boy who hides a heart of gold, and Josh, an unnoticed admirer of Birdie. read more
“Rebalance” by Suz Eglington
“Rebalance” by Suz Eglington 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Rebalance: Kiara Noir Mother Nature Series” is a captivating novel that introduces us to an atmospheric world filled with magical realism and disguised villains. Penned by Suz Eglington, the book is the second installment in the Kiara Noir Mother Nature series. Readers will likely gel with the characters and their mannerisms upon reading the first installment, which is equally riveting. read more
“Financially Capable” by Matt Paradise
“Financially Capable” by Matt Paradise 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Financially Capable: A Friendly Guide to Building Whole-Health Wealth” by Matt Paradise is a comprehensive and practical guide to personal money management. The first part of the book explains our current worldwide financial environment including issues with social equity. The second part covers the behavioral and psychological aspects of money to give us a better understanding of how we handle our finances like we do. One of the huge issues I see is that stress tends to make us more impulsive with our spending. Things are stressful right now, so there is a lot of impulse buying going on. I am guilty of this as well. The third part provides fundamental information about financial literacy. This includes topics about budgeting, saving, investing, debt management, identity theft and scams, credit scores, life insurance, home buying, and estate planning. read more
“Looking Inwards for a Better Life” by Dalton Dean Blankinship
“Looking Inwards for a Better Life” by Dalton Dean Blankinship 791 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Looking Inwards for a Better Life” by Dalton Dean Blankinship is an insightful, powerful self-help book that can motivate you to look inward to explore and find deeper truths. Some people seem to have it all together and are right where they want to be in life. But this book is for those who think maybe something is missing, due to the superficial nature of society and tolerance for surface knowledge. Honesty doesn’t always exist in abundance with people, but this book will help you take an honest look at yourself by understanding the levels of hierarchies in society. read more
“Whispers of the Heart” by Yvette Toopi
“Whispers of the Heart” by Yvette Toopi 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
Jasmine Cole works at Ross Arnold and Partners as a Junior Financial Partner and things seem to be falling into place for her in “Whispers of the Heart” by Yvette Toopi. Every day she takes lunch at a nearby café where she sits at one of the high tables and people-watches. Today, she notices what she thinks is a high-powered couple walking by the window, but she notices that the guy is looking at her and smiling. She finds this to be rude because he doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the beautiful woman he’s walking with. After lunch, she discovers they are new high-end clients. If this isn’t strange enough, during the meeting she receives a text from an anonymous sender who calls her by name. Who could this person be? Who is this man and woman team that requested her to be part of the selection of potential candidates they will hire to work for them? read more
“The Cost of Bliss” by Kelsey Conkling
“The Cost of Bliss” by Kelsey Conkling 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
Fourteen-year-old Jane Prince’s perfect life began changing for the worse when she noticed that piece of paper stuck to the door of her beautiful, five-bedroom house. On top of that, her father unexpectedly loses his job, and the Princes are forced to relocate. Down the road on the rougher, low-income side of town, the family of four stays temporarily with Jane’s great-grandmother in her cramped home. Jane feels panicky and ashamed and vows to keep this secret from her three best friends. But a boy from her school, Preston, won’t let her forget. Despite her family’s worsening financial situation, Jane is most worried about her reputation at Blossom View Middle School. The friction between her and her friends is causing rifts, and she worries that she’ll go to the eighth-grade ball alone. If that isn’t bad enough, Preston Miller keeps popping up everywhere, annoying her. read more