Young Adult 16+

“Rebalance” by Suz Eglington
“Rebalance” by Suz Eglington 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Rebalance: Kiara Noir Mother Nature Series” by Suz Eglington is the exciting and fitting second book in this attention-grabbing series. The first book, “Born Torn” has her at age 16, this time she’s 18, and things are happening. She is a rare-blood queen by birth, very much protected and restricted to the castle area. In three years, she’ll be “official” but before that happens, she wants and needs to become familiar with the kingdom she will rule. She’d like every decision to be for the betterment of the kingdom, and she wants Cole to be a certainty in her life, but she doesn’t want to have to marry him so soon. read more
“The Once Upon a Time of Now” by Hope West
“The Once Upon a Time of Now” by Hope West 640 1024 Reader Views Kids
Hope West’s “The Once Upon a Time of Now” is a mystical, mythical, and thought-provoking story that teaches the art of appreciating your surroundings and making every moment count. read more
“My Girlfriend Was Delivered by 2-Day Shipping” by Joshua J Piedra
“My Girlfriend Was Delivered by 2-Day Shipping” by Joshua J Piedra 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
“My Girlfriend Was Delivered by 2-Day Shipping” by Joshua J Piedra and illustrated by Alex Garcia is a YA romance novel that is as engaging as its title. You have the cutest boy in school, and his name is Daiki. He’s also one of the sweetest, with a heart so big and sensitive it makes you hurt for him when an untrue rumor is spread about him that makes him so lonely, he orders what he thinks is a mail-order android companion, unaware it’s a tech-driven sex doll. But what arrives in the mail by mistake is a real live girl. Let his Spring Break begin in earnest! read more
“Paper Forests” by Tegan Anderson
“Paper Forests” by Tegan Anderson 695 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Paper Forests” is a very touching novel that will just break your heart. It is also a very well-written novel and one that is definitely worth reading. I do want to note that this book contains some very dark issues, such as drugs, mental illness, and homophobia. If this is not something you feel comfortable reading, this may not be the book for you. The author deals with these topics and others with a thoughtfulness that makes it easier to read, at least that was the case for me. read more
“Dark Clowder Cats” by Ruby Knight
“Dark Clowder Cats” by Ruby Knight 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Dark Clowder Cats” is an utterly compelling novel in the fantasy young adult genre penned by the award-winning author, Ruby Knight. A suitable standalone, the text is book two in the Clowder Cats series. In a world where felines thrive, the author introduces us to a young kitten, Storm, whose mother had died giving birth to her.  Her father is considered a great hero in the large collective of cats known as High Clowder. At High Clowder Cadet School, Storm was having difficulties complying with the training requirements including the three main rules. She eventually gave up trying to do so. read more
“Revelation: Poppet Cycle” by Donna J.W. Munro
“Revelation: Poppet Cycle” by Donna J.W. Munro 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Revelation: Poppet Cycle, Book 1” by Donna J.W. Munro is YA dystopian fiction at its best and most breathtaking. The insight, characters, and profound concepts found within this tale remind me of several other YA reads that crossed over into the mainstream. I’m thinking especially of dystopian reads like “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent.” These books and others in the genre reached critical and popular acclaim because they are richly layered stories. They can be read on more than one level, depending on how much the reader is willing to invest. On the surface, they are exciting stories of how the world could be in the not-so-distant future. On a deeper level, they provide possibilities that should come with warning labels, encouraging one to think beyond the veneer of the tale. read more