Whispers of the Heart

“Whispers of the Heart” by Yvette Toopi
“Whispers of the Heart” by Yvette Toopi 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
Jasmine Cole works at Ross Arnold and Partners as a Junior Financial Partner and things seem to be falling into place for her in “Whispers of the Heart” by Yvette Toopi. Every day she takes lunch at a nearby café where she sits at one of the high tables and people-watches. Today, she notices what she thinks is a high-powered couple walking by the window, but she notices that the guy is looking at her and smiling. She finds this to be rude because he doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the beautiful woman he’s walking with. After lunch, she discovers they are new high-end clients. If this isn’t strange enough, during the meeting she receives a text from an anonymous sender who calls her by name. Who could this person be? Who is this man and woman team that requested her to be part of the selection of potential candidates they will hire to work for them? read more