Welcome to Wendtmurhoefen

“Welcome to Wendtmurhoefen” by Bryan Beaunoyer
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“Welcome to Wendtmurhoefen: Book One: Long Days, Short Knights” by Bryan Beaunoyer is such an adorable story about a magical island and its newest hero, Sir Gilderlilly, or Gil for short. In the story, Princess Violet has disappeared, and her parents, King Archibald and Queen Amandovare are frantic. They send out a search party to find her, but these men disappear as well. What could be going on and is the princess okay? Not knowing the answers, the king and queen turn to the king’s oldest friend, a wizard known as Alaburton to figure out what has happened to their daughter. In turn, Alaburton discovers Gil, a young man who arrives at the castle expecting to be the wizard’s assistant but quickly finds out that he is going to be a hero instead. read more