Vermilion Sunrise

“Vermilion Sunrise” by Lydia P. Brownlow
“Vermilion Sunrise” by Lydia P. Brownlow 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
 “Vermilion Sunrise” by Lydia P. Brownlow is a young adult sci-fi novel with a dash of romance and adventure mixed in. Leigh is just seventeen years old when she wakes up from cryosleep to find out she’s been traveling through space for thirteen years and has now arrived on a strange, watery planet. With no memories of volunteering to colonize a new planet, the only information she has is that individuals under eighteen have been the only ones able to survive the trip from Earth. Additionally, tensions run high as the other teenage colonists who inhabit the planet are less than welcoming. Lex, one of the handsome ringleaders, has decided Leigh and the others who came with her need to stay quarantined until it can be determined none of them are sick. read more