“unRIP” by Aneeta Hall
“unRIP” by Aneeta Hall 640 1024 Reader Views Kids
“unRIP” by Aneeta Hall is the tragic story of Karina Stark, a twenty-year-old female gothic death metal band singer whose gruesome murder and self-published diary skyrockets her to legendary status overnight. In death, Karina’s fan base multiplies into a cult-like following as teenage misfits flock to her gravesite to celebrate the short life of a rock star. As the investigation into Karina’s murder evolves, Karina’s self-published diary becomes a bestseller amongst music fans and gospel for true crime enthusiasts.  Gloria Stark, Karina’s mother, becomes the focus of both the investigation and the relentless taunts from misguided fans and paparazzi. Unbeknownst to her growing fan base Karina’s fame was based on bullying, lies, and deception. read more