The Word Dancer

“The Word Dancer” by Maxine Rose Schur
“The Word Dancer” by Maxine Rose Schur 175 262 Reader Views Kids
“The Word Dancer” by Maxine Rose Schur, is a book in which Wynnfrith, 5-year-old Prince Oliver, and the mysterious and kind Mistress Plummety Peache embark on a journey to save the kingdom of Wisland from the vexing Ugsome family. Wynnfrith must defend Oliver as she, Mistress Peache, and Oliver search for his father, Goodliwink, the rightful king of Wisland. The Word Dancer, a man with both extraordinary dancing skills and great knowledge, is there through it all, speaking only a single word per appearance, a word that holds the power to determine the outcome of the events that are underway. The wisdom of the Word Dancer is admirable, but sometimes one word isn’t enough. read more