The Wolf and the Moon Seeker

“The Wolf and the Moon Seeker” by Stephanie Teer
“The Wolf and the Moon Seeker” by Stephanie Teer 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
Mateo Reyes is just a neglected 14-year-old, unloved and unliked. Growing up with an alcoholic mother and getting ridiculed by bullies isn’t his idea of a great life. So, when some strange warrior kids his age pop up out of nowhere and tell him that he is actually extremely special, he eventually falls for it. Mateo actually belongs to a secretive order called the League, and his memory has been wiped and replaced. He always knew it was weird that he had a unique birthmark and could talk to the moon, but now it all makes sense. Everyone in this League has a special animal bond, but many of their animals have been nabbed and turned into demonic beasts. Now Mateo needs to find his wolf—Ghost—and help rescue others captured by the Dark Order. read more