The Underground Railroad Twins

“The Underground Railroad Twins” by Lisa Tasca Oatway
“The Underground Railroad Twins” by Lisa Tasca Oatway 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
In “The Underground Railroad Twins: A Middle-Grade Fantasy Adventure” the Stonehart family prepares for a field trip to a black settlement site. But the youngest member, little Tori, keeps having troubling dreams and anxiety about the visit. She has only just learned about slavery and the terrible past of America, and it is a lot for her to take in. The family realizes the significance of Tori’s dream and apprehensions when they finally visit the settlement, and then Tori and her siblings suddenly take a trip back in time. The siblings meet two runaway slave children (a set of twins) and realize why they were pulled to the past—to help the twins make it to freedom. read more