The Quiet Limit

“The Quiet Limit” by Trista Lundquist
“The Quiet Limit” by Trista Lundquist 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
“The Quiet Limit” by Trista Lundquist is a compelling, intelligent YA dystopian read so absorbing it will stay with you long after the final page. Here we have the main character Lai, who knows something most of us don’t: The year she will die. She has grappled with this reality, this death sentence. Now she has learned to accept the inevitability. The question now is no longer when. She knew she would die at age eighteen. The question now is how. In the society she lives in, the value of your life is based on how long you will live. This means she is of little value to her community. After she turns eighteen, she knows the clock is ticking down, and she turns inward in resignation. Her highly regulated environment holds a secret, and now she wants to uncover it. This spurs Lai toward a near-impossible quest for the truth. read more