The Magic Snow Globe

“The Magic Snow Globe” by Veronica Taylor
“The Magic Snow Globe” by Veronica Taylor 640 1024 Reader Views Kids
Blaire and Jake Parker have just moved to Los Angeles, and aren’t exactly happy about it. A few days later on a trip to the mall, Jake spots a snow globe, except it’s missing something: snow! Intrigued, Jake buys it, takes it home, and sets it on his shelf. Later that night, it starts to glow! Just as Blaire, Jake’s sister, pokes her head in, the strange orb teleports them to a faraway planet similar to Earth, but with one outrageous difference: SUGAR is the dominant species. read more
“The Magic Snow Globe” by Veronica Taylor
“The Magic Snow Globe” by Veronica Taylor 166 265 Reader Views Kids
Moving to a new home can often be exciting, but when a magical snow globe is discovered, be prepared for an unforgettable adventure. In Veronica Taylor’s “The Magic Snow Globe”, The Parker family has just relocated to their new home in a geologically famous town called Rockville. With the children’s books, toys, and other electronic devices packed in a moving van miles away, the Parker children have become grumpy and bored. To make matters worse, a gloomy forecast of rain complicates the situation. The two children, Blaire and Jake, ask their parents to take them to the mall to look around and see the town of Rockville. While shopping, Jake discovers a snow globe with a candy theme. Once home, the mysterious snow globe begins to glow and vibrate, transporting Blaire and Jake to a world of cotton candy sidewalks, lollipop forests, and candy corn mountains. It is up to Blaire and Jake to traverse the candy-filled world and make it back home to the family.  read more