The Lunch Money Treasure

“The Lunch Money Treasure” by Gary Rivera
“The Lunch Money Treasure” by Gary Rivera 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
“The Lunch Money Treasure: A Smoochie Adventure ” by Gary Rivera is an exciting teen and young adult mystery that infuses life back into the genre. There is also a heartwarming theme to it, as the plot revolves around looking for buried treasure from two decades ago that will help reunite two lost loves, one of whom is a bully. A reward also comes from solving this mystery. If you put yourself in the protagonist’s shoes, you will find yourself solving this mystery with only four words as your clue, and with the help of your good friends. You would have to face embarrassment and teasing, but the hard part is that you would be doing all of this just as middle school is starting, and you are 11 years old. Oh, and your name is Smoochie, which is interesting. read more