The Healer Chronicles

“Spoiler” by Michael J. Bowler
“Spoiler” by Michael J. Bowler 166 265 Reader Views Kids
“Spoiler” is the third and final book in The Healer Chronicles, an epic YA fantasy series by Michael J. Bowler. read more
“Shifter: The Healer Chronicles Book 2” by Michael J. Bowler
“Shifter: The Healer Chronicles Book 2” by Michael J. Bowler 175 215 Reader Views Kids
Shifter” takes the Healer Chronicles to another level as the kids are tested to their limits. Once again Bowler drives well-drawn characters through an exciting story full of epic battles with enemies, terrifying experimental procedures, and betrayal at the deepest level. There are a few twists readers might suspect, but Bowler expertly uses these devices to take us down completely different paths you won’t see coming. The introduction of William and his “cousins” add an element of magic that I would love to see on the screen. Think a “Stranger Things” vibe and kick it up a notch – can you even imagine? read more