The Greatest Treasure

“The Greatest Treasure” by Anne Lacourrege
“The Greatest Treasure” by Anne Lacourrege 791 1024 Reader Views Kids
“The Greatest Treasure” by Anne Lacourrege is the story of a girl named Lily who lived a long time ago – in the 1800s! Lily and her family lived in an old house shaped like a ship whose builder was a sea captain. Two main doors are in the house – one is always open, and the other has a missing key and is locked. The locked door is a mystery to everyone in the family until one day when Lily is playing ball and finds the key! She is excited to open the door but also nervous about what she will find. Her curiosity wins, along with a mysterious voice from the keyhole telling her to open it, and what’s in there is surprising! Lily found coloring books, colors, playing cards, toys, and other things. She learns the room’s history, the family who used to live there, and the importance of love. read more