The DanSing Pancakes

“DanSing Pancakes” by Joe Coleman
“DanSing Pancakes” by Joe Coleman 175 219 Reader Views Kids
“The DanSing Pancakes’ Healthy Choices Musical Story” is an interactive children’s story rewritten by Joe Coleman, the lead vocalist of the 1950s singing group, “The Platters.” The purpose is to deter kids from smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and using drugs. The story begins with the creation and birth of two pancakes – Pablo and Priscilla, aka the DanSing Pancakes, on a beautiful and innocent day baking. The DanSing Pancakes leap, escape from the house, and locate a cabin in the woods to enjoy their day with tasty syrup, berries, and brown sugar. That night, as if in a vision, the two pancakes dream and are shown their purpose in this world- to teach kids through music about cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. read more