The Believer Within You

“The Believer within You” by Tyrone Burnett
“The Believer within You” by Tyrone Burnett 757 1024 Reader Views Kids
In Tyrone Burnett’s “The Believer Within You,” Brenda Sue is a twelve-year-old girl and a beacon of curiosity. Her mother, Jean, a Quality Control Auditor at the county government’s Tax Commissioner office, often finds herself amused by Brenda Sue’s inquisitiveness. Brenda Sue, who aspires to be a lawyer or an investigative journalist, is growing up in the fictional town of Northern Gainsville, Pamunkey County, FL, during the devastating financial crisis of 2007-2009. This was a time when over six million children lost their homes to foreclosure due to predatory loans, and the impact of the crisis was deeply felt in their community. read more