In “The Newton Chronicles: Soldiers, Temples, and Crystals,” Luke Alexander’s mother truly believes that her husband, an archeologist and historian, is missing and presumed dead from his last archeological search, though her son Luke strongly believes his dad is still very much alive. So, since it’s the beginning of summer break, Luke, along with his two friends, Nathan and Lydia, decide to comb through Mr. Alexander’s home study hoping to find a few clues as to where he headed on his expedition and determine the true meaning of this trip.
"The Underground Book Readers: The Secret Society" is a sprawling dystopian YA novel set in the year 2031. The World Force, a military totalitarian group, has taken over the United States and turned the country upside down, requiring complete subservience from its citizens. The organization banned the reading of any books and Bibles and also outlawed attendance at churches and schools. In a secluded underground tunnel deep into the mountains of Virginia, four orphaned teenagers, Kahn, Jairus, Asher, and Casey, originally members of a Secret Society group, have been meeting secretly for several years.
Terry Overton and her “Legends of the Donut Shop” is a must-read for everybody out there. It is well-written, emotional, fun, entertaining, and a perfectly presented book that’s a “gift” for all readers out there.
s a wonderful story about the spirit of Christmas and the reason for the holiday celebration.
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